Info & Weather for Beaufort West - FABW

S32 18 07
E22 40 00



Nearest Town:
Beaufort West

Note: The altitude options below is above ground level and not above sea level!!

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Latest Weather Observations

Last Updated: 2017/04/30 16:06:16
Temperature Dew Point Wind Rain Humidity Visibility Pressure Cloud Cover
Sunny 27C 3C 13mph (21km/h)
351 N
0.0mm 21% 20Km 1019mb 0%


Forecast Date Forecast Forecast Maximum Temperature Minimum Temperature Rain Wind Speed & Direction
2017-04-30 Sunny 27C 14C 0.0mm 8mph (13km/h)
190 S
2017-05-01 Sunny 26C 12C 0.9mm 9mph (14km/h)
256 WSW
2017-05-02 Sunny 24C 13C 2.3mm 5mph (8km/h)
128 SE
2017-05-03 Sunny 23C 13C 0.0mm 6mph (10km/h)
257 WSW

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