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Pilot's Post is an online aviation repository focusing on aviation events, history, products and stories in South Africa. We at Pilot's Post aim to publish updates once a week to ensure that our readers are updated and entertained without the long delays as with traditional printed media. We hope to cover all aviation events in South Africa so that we may share the experience with readers in other regions or with those who could not make it to the event. This update will of course be published within two or three days after the event so make sure you visit this site regularly for the latest updates. If we are not able to cover your event, you are of course welcome to send us the details and a few photographs and we will gladly add it to our weekly publication.

With a very active EAA and other forms of non-type certified aviation in South Africa, Pilot's Post will be focusing on bringing this exciting part of aviation to those not involved with it yet to ensure that we grow this part of aviation in South Africa. Those actively involved in this sector of aviation will also enjoy reading about the activities and projects others are involved with.

Dedicated writers will focus on aviation safety and Pilot's Post will have regular articles in this regard. We are aiming to refresh you with some safety aspects but hopefully introduce new aviation safety concepts and skills.

Aircraft flight tests will be a fun and exciting part of our publication and if you are in the market for a new aviation toy, we hope that you will find the product information you are looking for in this publication.

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Advertising with Pilot’s Post is probably the most efficient way of marketing your products and services today. With Pilot’s Post you will only pay when your advertisement is displayed to a reader, thus providing you with a very cost effective marketing solution and excellent value for money.

In addition, your advertisement will be displayed with captivating content drawing the reader’s attention and the advertisement will not be stashed away in the advertising section or uninteresting pages. Your advertisement will also be enabled with a hyperlink directing the reader to your own Internet website where you have the ability to provide extensive details of your products and services which cannot be captured in a single advertisement. Only electronic media can provide this feature and may enable you with significantly larger marketing possibilities.

Contributing to Pilot's Post

All articles on Pilot’s Post are written by freelance writers and we encourage anyone with the appropriate writing skills to contact us so that we may publish your work once it is approved by the editorial staff of Pilot’s Post. All articles and contributions must be royalty free and owned by the contributor. Pilot’s Post is an online aviation repository and all contributions must therefore be aviation related. Aviation technical, operational, historical, events, commercial and social related topics will be most appropriate but are not limited to these suggestions.

Contributors may be remunerated depending on the agreement made with Pilot’s Post but in general, remuneration is based on the size of the contribution and the amount of Internet hits the contribution receives. Payments to contributors are therefore made monthly in arrears and will be based on the amount of revenue the article generated during the preceding month. No cash payments will be made and electronic transfers will remain the only form of payment.

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