FAKR Fun Event Jack Taylor Airfield Krugersdorp

By Andre Venter


After last Saturdays South African Air Force Museum Airshow at the SAAF's Mobile Deployment Wing, what a way to come down back to earth with a fun event at Jack Taylor Airfield.

I arrived fairly early as I normally do, as it's my home and closest airfield. An airfield that I get to visit regularly, an airfield that a makes you feel at home.

It's also the home of the newest display team to the aviation airshow scene in S.A. The North America Navions's of Aircraft Inc.

A number of members from the club left early for the EAA Chapter 322 monthly meeting at Rand Airport. I managed to photograph the Lastrucci Brothers on their way out to attend the meeting.

I grabbed a cup of Stasiekoffie and a hearty breakfast and I was ready for whatever the day was to offer. Numerous other pilots could be seen grabbing a quick bite to eat.

The briefing was given by Francois Tolmay who informed the participants of the new rules as per the CAA that briefly states that no person was to be allowed in the tower without having the necessary qualifications. This rule resulted in it being called a fun event.

Volunteer time keepers from the club were given the responsibility to record the necessary information of all those that took part.

The surprise of the morning was two rather unusual aircraft, a Pegasus, registration ZS-UEB, that flew in from Tedderfield Airpark and a Eurocopter registration ZS-HCN. Both visited for breakfast.

The event was run in three categories over a short-measured course. The start was at FAKR with a flight out to oom Piet se Plaas followed by a left to the Tank Farm. The next turn point was a left at the Silos and then left again at the Mine Dump, FAKR's own NDB. Each competitor had to fly twice around the track and land after the second pass, a total of distance of 34n nautical miles.

The categories were:
1 Fastest Speed.
2 Ratio competition (Horsepower vs Speed)
3 Time nomination.

A compulsory briefing was held inside the restaurant at 08.30. A total of 10 aircraft took part.

The prize giving was held in the clubhouse and everybody was keen to see who the overall winner was.

Final results are:
Highest Speed
1. Louis Fourie 403 kph in a Baron 58P 650hp ZS-KMZ
2. Dieter Block 390 kph in a Lance Air Legacy 310hp ZU-DCB
3. Francois Tolmay 285 kph in a RV7a 200hp ZU-FWL

1. Johan Nel 268 % in a Jabiru ZU-CNS
2. Nick Clark 168% In a Jabiru ZU-LVR
3. Johan Loubsher 166% in a Sabatria ZU-BPY

Time nomination:
1.Francois Tolmay 3 sec in a RV7a ZU-FWL
2. John Shaw 4 sec in a RV9 ZU-SRV
3.Matthew Human 1 min 33sec in a Bantam ZU-DNJ

Prize winners gallery

Grant Rosseau, Louis Fourie & Dieter Bock.....Grant & Francois Tolmay

Matthew Human, Grant & Francois....Nadia Rosseau, Johan Nel & Grant

Grant, Andries van Tonder & Louis Fourie

Nick Clark & Grant....Johan Loubsher & Grant

Considering how much effort and planning goes into planning an event like this, it is sad that so few people actually took part.

FAKR has an estimated fifty to eighty airworthy aircraft, and at least one Flight school. One would have thought that more would have support their local airfield and club.

It was none the less a pleasant morning out and Pilot's Post is honoured to have been invited to be part of the action.

EAA Chapter 322 Breakfast Fly Away to Krugersdorp March 2023

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