The Lowveld Airshow 2023

By Pieter Cronje



The Lowveld Airshow 2023 took place on the past Saturday at the old Nelspruit Airfield. Although the airshow officially only started at 15H00 the crowds were already entertained by some arrivals coming in, some planes getting in some practice flights, and some excellent Radio-Controlled planes and flying.

Brian Emmenis as always did his professional part by keeping the crowds informed and entertained, both before the airshow started and during the airshow. Thanks to him and his team.

A special remark needs to be made regarding the crowd. I have seldom seen such a well disciplined and civil crowd, totally relaxed and enjoying the display.

The day was very well planned, but the weather however seemed to have missed out on the planning meetings. The day started cloudy, cleared up a little during the late morning, with the clouds becoming darker and more ominous as the day went one. This led to some early departures by some of the pilots.

The airshow itself was relatively short but energetic. It was a mixture of often seen display teams such as the Golden Eagles, the Flying Lions, The Raptors, and Nigel Hopkins and Jason Beamish of the Team Extra Duo. This was complimented by local Lowveld Pilots flying the Bathawk, a Robinson R66 and even the Airlink Embraer ERJ-195LR.

We will visit again next year. However, we hope for a longer airshow.

The realistic Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force Radio Controlled Hawk.

Prior to the airshow starting a motorbike parade took place emphasising awareness of motorbike safety.

Johan and Christiaan consulting prior to the airshow.

The formal airshow started with two parachutists coming in for almost perfect landings.

The Golden Eagles Display Team during a cross over. Always well-liked by die crowds.

The Robinson R66 display.

Ellis Levin of the Flying Lions Display Team coming in low to thrill the crowds.

Two Air Tractor 802's of Kishugu Aviation, involved in the Working on Fire project. Very impressive planes with an equally impressive display with the dropping of blue and yellow powder.

Also, a crowd pleaser. The Airlink Embraer ERJ-195LR.

Nigel and Jason, always impressive. Need one say more?

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