Large Scale Aerobatics, RMAC 23 August 2020

By Stefan Coetzer

On Sunday 23 August LSA pilots had their first competition since the easing of the lock down regulations. With a total or 12 pilots entered in the event, the pilots were in for a packed day of aerobatics. With a light wind, blowing it was time for the traditional pilots briefing.

The pilot's briefing done before every competition

The judges set up for the day

The first class is basic aerobatics. This class is specifically recommended for novice pilots that are flying in their first competition. The class featured three new pilots and was a class that saw much action. With the wind starting to pick up it, pushed pilot and machine to the edge. The class was won by Geoff Dale with a score of 1000.0. In second place was Juandre van der Schaar with a score of 841.5 and in third place was Charl Jooste with a score of 830.9.

Charl's Extra coming in to land

Jeandr? taxiing his RV out for his first round

Jeandr? landing his RV a bit hard after experiencing a dead stick

he next group up was sportsman. The class also had two new pilots flying in their first competition Chris Parker and Daniel Finch. Both flew excellent rounds but at the end of the day if was veteran pilot Myles Hasenbroek that took the honours in a tightly contested class. The final scores reflected Daniel Finch on 943.0, Chris Parker scored 980.0 and Myles Hasenbroek scored 1000.0. When asking Myles afterwards how much practice he put in, he just laughed and said he at least ran the engine the Saturday before the event.

Chris's extra landed very smoothly

Myles slick on the way out for a round

Myles getting his plane to taxi with fellow competitor Daniel taxiing in

The next class up was Intermediate and only one pilot, Justin Gomersall flew in this class. Justin flew his Katana and showed us that he has been in the LSA for a while with his excellent skills. Justin was also the organizer for the event so if he was not flying, he was running up and down. At the end, Justin scored a 1000.0

Justin taxiing his Katana

Justin bringing in his Katana for a landing

The next class up was advanced with Ian Edwards and Stan Fincham competing. With both pilots calling for each other it was a close class and the scores at the end shows there is not too much separating the pilots. Ian Edwards scored a 1000.0 and Stan scored a 870.9.

Ian's Extra shortly after take off

The last class was unlimited with only one pilot, Danie Potgieter entered. When asked before his first flight what does he think his chances are of winning he said 'I'm only aiming to finish in the top 2'. Danie demonstrated to us why he was national champion a few times. His final score was 1000.0.

Danie's Lazer on finals

Myles's Slick just after take off

After the flying everyone braaied while exchanging their flying stories. The next time these pilot fly will be at the nationals on the weekend of 24 September.

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