Witbank Aeronautical Association Breakfast Fly-In

By Jaco Pitout


Keeping with our commitment to bring you the maximum amount of event action this flying season, I made my way out to Witbank Airfield on Workers Day, 1 May 2024, to experience the Witbank Aeronautical Association's annual breakfast fly in. The short drive from Pretoria ended in some consternation as Wayze took me off the beaten track and onto some mining roads. Needless to say, my little hatchback ended up looking like a well-used mine-tipper. I then remembered that Dr. Robert Clark once gave me different directions to the airfield that I had since forgotten. So much for Wayze…

Arriving at the airfield, I encountered some of the ever-enthusiastic WAA members that was happy to see PilotsPost at their event. The braai fire was already cooking some of the tastiest wors that I have sampled in a long while, but more about that later. The clubhouse was already abuzz with activity as the kind ladies of the WAA prepared the kitchen, coffee, tea, and other refreshments for the mass arrivals.

As I walked to position next to the runway, I again, as with my past visits, I found myself thinking that the taxiways and the facilities in general were in excellent condition. I also thought to myself that the grass area that I was crossing toward the runway looked better than some of the rugby-fields that I played high-school rugby on. It is in exceptional shape! Well done WAA!

Among the arrivals was a gaggle of trikes all the way from Brakpan Benoni Airfield. It is always a treat to see trikes used, and in this instance used very well! To put their cross country into perspective, with a cruising speed of about 60mph this flight would have taken them about an hour of flying to get to Witbank Airfield.

Also worth mentioning is that the airfield did have to endure an invasion at the time of the fly in. A group of Bushcat or Cheetah aircraft arrived, which was also a pleasing sight to see. In terms of the 20 or so aircraft that arrived, the Bushcat group represented the most popular type flown in on the day.

The Witbank Aeronautical Association also has a flying school on site where Jabiru aircraft is used for flight training. I noticed a 6-cylinder two seat variant as well as the four-cylinder two seat variant conducting flights during the fly in.

With the arrivals becoming less frequent, I headed back to the terminal building to sample the delicious boerewors rolls that were on offer. A mere R45 bought a roll and a 500ml cold drink. That is superb value! Once again testament to the fact that the Witbank Aeronautical Association is looking after general aviation in more ways than just maintaining a beautiful airfield.

I then headed back to the runway to capture some of the departing aircraft and crews.

If you are looking to attend a fly in that is not too far from Gauteng, this is a particularly good option. Good food at an affordable price, on site 100LL and a pristine airport environment.

Also, while you are in the area, you might want to give that VOR in your aircraft a workout, as WIV (113.30MHz) beacon is right in the vicinity and judging by light twin practising in the area, it is serviceable.

A wonderful morning spent in the company of likeminded individuals under glorious South African sunshine. What a day! Thank you to Dr. Robert Clark and the entire team at Witbank Aeronautical Association, we really enjoyed the fly in!

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