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By Willie Bodenstein, Karl Jensen and Ronell Myburgh


Nothing in life is free. Wrong! The breakfast at the Springs Airfield was and has been so for as long as I can remember.

That may be the reason why yesterday on a miserable cloudy cold morning dozens flocked to the immaculately maintained field. It may be but Springs also offer so much more than just the free breakfast.

The field is home to the Classic Flying Collection that in a number of hangars houses probably the best collections of Tiger Monts, Chipmunks and Auster's and numerous other immaculately maintained classics as well as a collection of restored WWII military vehicles. All thanks to the dedication of Dev Howett and the late Gavin Brown. RIP Gavin.

What better way is there to spend a Saturday than to admire these beauties that were parked with military precision on the grass apron and meeting up with old friends and making new ones while sipping a cup of coffee, free of course.

First to arrive was Kevin Reece from Fly Inn Estate….

followed by Trevor Davids also from Fly Inn Estate….

Third was Nico Brandt from Tedderfield Air Park….

and fourth was Derek "Pops" Hopkings from Eagles Creek.

The field is the home of the Ekurhuleni East Aviation Society, (formerly the East Rand Flying Club). It shares the facility with a number of operations including micro-light, ultra-light and gyrocopter clubs, flying schools and private operators.

Some of the other visitors

Facilities at the airfield include a fuel bay, a clubhouse and the club share a number of hangars. The club has a membership of almost 200 with 79 hangers spread over the north and south side. Over 250 aircraft of various types and vintages are hangared at the airfield.

When asked his thoughts about the event my friend and yours the amicable Karl Jensen who has probably attended more aviation events than most of us can remember has this to say:

The annual Springs Breakfast Fly-in on Saturday 27 April has become one of the friendliest and traditional, in the vicinity of the vibrant Gauteng recreational flying community. Springs Airfield was where EAA South Africa was formally constituted.

I try attend the fly-in every year and have been doing so for decades with hardly an interruption. The Saturday event was just delightful, slightly tempered by early morning poor visibility, but the diehards trickled in until the improving weather induced many aircraft to visit.

There was a terrific line-up of Dev Howett's and the late Gavin Browns historic light aircraft. The tasty brekkie was served free of charge. I did notice that a nearby ice bucket was being fed with donations to offset the cost of the quality consumables. These were prepared and served by friendly ladies of the Ekurhuleni East Flying Club, formerly known as the Springs Flying Club.

Among the vintage aircraft line-up, were 2 Fairchild 24 Rangers, one registered as ZS-BAK. The obvious restoration of ZS-BAK is absolutely 1st class. That airplane invoked serious nostalgia for me. In August 1963, I flew the first flight with my brand-new Commercial Pilots Licence in its sister ship ZS-BAU, from Wonderboom for a pleasure flight over Pretoria. The Ranger engine on that 45-minute flight consumed 2 litres of engine oil that was topped up from a classic metal jug. I was paid R1 for my service.

Thanks to all who attended and to the good folk of EEFC. You really don't want to miss the fly-in next time.

Ronell Myburgh of Chapter 322 of the EAA of SA had this to say regarding the event and shared two photos with us:

The great team at Spring Airfield never disappoint! A great breakfast and a wonderful visit with some of our EAA 322 members and other Springs regulars.

The morning started chilly and cloud, after the previous evening's heavy rain in the area. The weather also caused some not to fly-inn, but still a reasonable turn out and a good visit. Rand Airport was IMC for those who planned to fly inn, fortunately weather improved and we had some attendees from Rand.

Good to meet up with regular attendees. Grant Timms left and Ken Rossouw right

The magic of Springs, undoubtedly remains the beautiful Classic Flying Collection. We were treated to the beautiful sounds and fly passes of the Tiger Moths - your eyes are always cast to the sky when they take to air, or come in to land.

Even Capt Karl joined them, as he flew out.

The laughs, jokes, sharing of aircraft information, fixing aircraft and general chat cements the camaraderie of the EAA spirit. Being a pilot or owning an aircraft is no requirement - thank goodness, else I would not be part of this amazing team. Always meeting new aviationists, fans and those who appreciate the magic of old and new aircraft.

It is noticeable how we are joined by those who possibly just hangar at the airfield we visit. Then they see ex-colleagues, or those they joined in the SAAF with. Aviation is a small and intertwined world.

Till the next visit, thank you Springs Airfield for the good foodies and warm welcome!

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